About Camp Six Acres

The Six Acres program is designed to encompass the key objectives of recreation, education, and well-being. As educators, our ultimate aim is to ensure that the children’s experiences are not only enjoyable but also enriching. We are committed to fostering a positive environment that contributes to the development of self-esteem.

To enhance the program, we prioritize individual interests by allowing campers to choose some of their own activities. This approach empowers campers to actively participate in shaping their camp experience, contributing to a sense of autonomy and personal growth.

Our overarching goal is to integrate physical fitness and recreational activities into the program, recognizing their importance in the holistic development of each camper. We believe that a well-rounded experience includes activities that promote both physical and mental well-being.

Camp Six Acres is dedicated to providing a friendly and supportive atmosphere, where campers feel comfortable expressing themselves and forging new friendships. The emphasis on a supportive community ensures that every camper can thrive in an environment that prioritizes their safety and well-being.

In all our activities, safety remains our top priority. We take every measure to conduct activities with the utmost consideration for the well-being of each camper. This commitment ensures that every child can enjoy the various aspects of the program with confidence and peace of mind.

By continually refining and reinforcing these principles, we aim to create an even more enriching and fulfilling experience for every camper in the Six Acres program.