Camp Programs

The campers participate in structured programs including swim lessons in our in-ground pool, arts & crafts, creative arts, STEM challenges, a group activity, and athletics. The athletics staff and counselors supervise campers in basketball, gaga, soccer, volleyball, once-a-week archery, and other recreational games. There is also time for free swim, free choice, and enjoying the playground.

Swimming Fun

This summer we are excited to offer both instructional swim and recreational swim sessions. Our on-site pool is meticulously maintained as a learning pool, with depths ranging from 3 feet at its shallowest point to 5 feet at its deepest. Red Cross Certified lifeguards are stationed at the pool throughout the day to ensure the safety of all swimmers.

The specifics of our pool activities will be confirmed once we receive final guidance from the Medford Board of Health. In the unlikely event that pool operations are disrupted or daily pool time for every camper cannot be accommodated, alternative water play activities will be introduced to ensure that all campers can enjoy staying cool while having fun in a safe environment.

Creative Arts & Crafts

Our arts programming offers a rich array of opportunities for campers to unleash their creativity. In the Arts & Crafts room, guided by a head art instructor, campers immerse themselves in planned activities utilizing various materials to draw, paint, and construct age-appropriate pieces. Projects include many multimedia mediums includingclay, markers, fuse beads, watercolors and tie dye. Throughout the day, under counselor supervision, campers can revisit the Arts & Crafts room to continue ongoing projects or embark on new ones, ensuring a dynamic and fulfilling artistic experience for all. 

During the Creative Arts sessions, led by our counselors, provide dedicated time for groups to collaborate on their talent show performances.

Sports & games

Camp Six Acres campers have the opportunity to play in a variety of different sports and games. The camp provides the campers with multiple playing fields and courts to play in traditional games like basketball, soccer, volleyball, wiffleball as well as more creative games like Messy Backyard, Capture-the-Flag, and Bombardment. Six Acres campers will have a group game in the morning and a choice of different activities in the afternoon.

We will also have a brand new on-campus basketball court with goals that can shift between 7 and 10 feet in height to accommodate players of all heights!

STEM Activities

At Camp Six Acres, our STEM program is all about hands-on fun that sparks curiosity and gets campers thinking critically. Led by our awesome instructors, kids dive into the world of science, technology, engineering, and math with engaging activities. Whether they’re building cool gadgets or conducting wild experiments, campers are encouraged to ask questions, explore, and learn through play. Our STEM adventures aren’t just educational—they’re also super exciting and totally hands-on. So get ready to tinker, experiment, and discover with us this summer!

C.I.T. Program

This successful program allows C.I.T.’s (Counselor-in-Training), returning campers entering eighth and ninth grades, the opportunity to learn and experience the responsibilities and demands of being a counselor. The C.I.T.’s are placed in different activities on a rotating basis under direct supervision of a senior staff member and the Directors. They work with campers of all ages and experience, first hand, a different, yet important, aspect of camping. C.I.T.’s must commit themselves to the full eight-week program.

Please see the Registration page for our CIT application. Positions are very limited.

Extended Day

Extended Day hours are back to support parents who need a little extra time in the day. If you sign-up for extended day for the 2 week session, you may drop-off and pick-up at any time during the extend day hours.

Extended Day Summer Camp Hours

8:00 – 9:00 Drop Off Time

9:00 – 4:00 Camp in Session

4:00 – 5:30 Pick Up Time